"May blessings be upon the head of Cadmus, the Phoenicians, or whoever it was that invented books." -Thomas Carlyle

Welcome to my virtual book collection. Since collecting actual books is somewhat cost-prohibitive, I've begun to amass all of the books I would love to have if I had the means. Some are new, lots are old, all are unique or beautiful or unusual or in some other way have captured my fancy. Enjoy browsing!

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Edgar Allan Poe Portfolio (Signed Limited Edition)
Bernie Wrightson, Illust.

Christopher Enterprises, 1976. Limited edition, (12” x 16.5”), 8 full-color plates in pale yellow illustrated folder. A near fine copy.

Legendary horror artist Bernie Wrightson turns his eye to Edgar Allan Poe in this beautifully illustrated limited edition portfolio of eight (8) full-color plates measuring 12” x 16.5”, published in 1976 by Christopher Enterprises. One of 2000 copies produced, this being number 688, SIGNED by Wrightson on the inside portfolio cover. With a small bend to upper right corner of each print and the just the slightest of handling wear but otherwise in overall excellent condition, bright and clean throughout. A rare limited edition portfolio touched by the wonderfully strange mind of the legendary horror illustrator.

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