"May blessings be upon the head of Cadmus, the Phoenicians, or whoever it was that invented books." -Thomas Carlyle

Welcome to my virtual book collection. Since collecting actual books is somewhat cost-prohibitive, I've begun to amass all of the books I would love to have if I had the means. Some are new, lots are old, all are unique or beautiful or unusual or in some other way have captured my fancy. Enjoy browsing!

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The Ship that Sailed to Mars
William M. Timlin, 1923.

First edition, calligraphic text with decorations and 48 colour plates by Timlin all mounted on card as issued, original parchment-backed boards, spine titled in gilt, very slightly rubbed at corners, but overall an excellent copy, 4to,

B-A Note: This picture is clearly a stock image from the book that appears many places on the web, rather than a picture of the actual book on auction, which is disappointing. Still worth an entry though. For further images of a similar book as well as more history and trivia, please visit this excellent and comprehensive Monster Brains entry from June. The full text of the book is available here. It really is a gorgeous publication.

"Upon a certain day it happened, just as the stars came flocking after the Sun, that he finished a design for a ship that would really fly. He knew in his heart that this was The Ship, and already he seemed to feel the dawn on Mars, and anon see its double moons wheeling through its ancient burnt-out stars. "

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